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Success Stories from the Crime Alert Network

On September 21, 2012, the Village of Big Bend Police Department issued an alert through the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network (WCAN) in reference to a sexual assault that occurred a day earlier. The victim had reported being sexually assaulted by an individual who was selling magazines door-to-door the afternoon of September 20, 2012.

The Mukwonago Police Department received the alert, and then contacted Big Bend police to report that a resident had contacted their department to report a door-to-door salesman whose behavior was suspicious. The individual’s description matched the description of the suspect involved in the assault in Big Bend. Mukwonago police located a group of door-to-door magazine salespeople who were in the area and worked for the same company as the suspect. This group provided information about the location of the suspect, who was arrested on September 22, 2012, by the Milwaukee Police Department.


Big Bend


On July 19th, 2012, at 11:47 a.m., the Fitchburg Police Department sent out a WCAN alert for a suspect that had allegedly taken money from a change machine at a local bowling alley using a key to access the change machine. Attached to the alert were surveillance photos of the suspect.

The WCAN alert was received by Dane County Sheriff’s Deputies who had just arrested and had in custody a suspect at the Magnuson Grand Hotel in the Town of Blooming Grove who was suspected of taking money from vending machines. Dane County Deputies recognized their suspect as the same suspect in the Fitchburg Police Department WCAN alert and contacted Fitchburg to notify them that not only did they identify their suspect but they had him in custody. At 1:58 p.m., 7-19-12, the Fitchburg Police Department issued a cancelled WCAN alert with notification that the suspect was in custody.




On May 29th, 2012, a Sparta Officer took a complaint from a local grocer that had cashed a counterfeit check for approximately $1,000. When Officer Nelson returned to his office he saw a WI Crime Alert from Eau Claire PD about a similar counterfeit check case drawn against the same business checking account. The alert also had photos of the suspects along with some identifying information. The Sparta Officer contacted Eau Claire PD and received detailed information about one of the suspects which appeared to have cashed the counterfeit check in Sparta. The information that the Officer received from Eau Claire PD led to the arrest of his suspect in late June of 2012.



On April 24th, 2012, the Menomonie Police Department issued a “Serial gas drive-off suspect” alert through the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network. The alert, which involved stolen license plates, sought to identify the suspect through a surveillance photo which was attached to the alert and the vehicle description. Independence (WI) Police Department received the alert and contacted Menomonie PD about a similar case involving the same unidentified suspect. The suspect was later arrested by Eau Claire Police Department for similar drive-offs. When Menomonie PD learned of the arrest and the identity of the suspect, they followed-up by informing Independence PD with the identity of the suspect.


Gas Drive Offs

WCAN Registration


On May 4th, 2012, the Plover Police Department issued a " Robbery" Alert through the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network for a suspect who entered Moto Mart and forcibly grabbed an undisclosed amount of US currency from the cash register and fled on foot. The alert contained surveillance photos of the suspect. Recipients of the alert included WI Probation and Parole who identified the suspect. Probation and Parole issued an arrest warrant for the suspect who was then arrested by Merrill Police Department.




On May 8, 2012, the Portage Police Department issued a "Sexual Assault/Robbery Alert" through the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network where there was a suspect identified. This alert was received by Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), who followed-up by offering assistance to Portage PD. Portage Police Department with the assistance of DCI located the suspect who was then arrested by the Madison Police Department.



On March 6, 2012, the Fort Atkinson Police Department (FAPD) issued a “Retail Theft” Alert through the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network (WCAN). This alert concerned an individual who entered a Kmart, placed 47 Blu-ray DVD’s and 3 Playstation games into a bag and left the store. An employee wrote down the license plate and the suspect was stopped by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. The suspect was taken into custody by FAPD and had a handwritten list of stores from throughout southern Wisconsin.

From issuance of the WCAN alert FAPD received information from 8 other jurisdictions that had cases where this individual was a suspect. This information is proving valuable in the prosecution of the case.

Fort Atkinson


On January 25, 2012, Lake Delton Police Department sent out a WCAN alert to identify the owner(s) of approximately 50 antique items recovered from a Trespassing/Burglary case suspect in 2009. Because of how unique some of the items were, a copper fire extinguisher and a caliper, and that for 2 ½ years the owners of this stolen properly have not been identified, Lake Delton PD decided it would be worthwhile to send out a WCAN alert asking for assistance. Within 5 minutes of sending out the alert Sauk County Sheriff’s Department called Lake Delton PD identifying the owner and the burglary case that these items were related to. Lake Delton is the same department that previously identified a convenience store burglary suspect with a WCAN alert.

Lake Delton 2

On January 13, 2012, a Wisconsin Crime Alert was sent out on behalf of the Sun Prairie Police Department concerning “Gas Station Drive Offs” totaling $1,100. The Sun Prairie Police Department had a suspect identified and was trying to determine if other gas stations had same or similar thefts that could be tied to their suspect. Through various methods including an alert that was distributed via the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network (WCAN), several police departments responded confirming similar incidents involving the same suspect. With the help of the WCAN Alert, the Sun Prairie Police Department was able to charge their suspect with 25 counts of theft.

Gas Drive Offs


On January 10, 2012, The Sauk Prairie Police Department issued an alert concerning the armed robbery of a pharmacy in their community. Sauk Prairie PD received numerous calls from other law enforcement in response to the alert that provided information which ultimately helped locate and arrest the suspect.

Sauk Priaire Robbery


On November 23, 2011, the Chippewa Falls Police Department sent out an alert concerning a $4,000 theft that occurred from the “Insti Med” machine at St. Josephs Hospital. Surveillance photos of the suspects were attached. Chippewa Falls Police received calls and e-mails from other agencies concerning the identity of the suspects within 30 minutes of broadcasting the original alert. On 11/28/11 the suspect was arrested.

Chippewa Falls

On November 14, 2011, a WI Crime Alert was issued on behalf of an Investigator with the Lake Delton Police Department attempting to identify the suspect from a burglary of the Dells Quick Mart which occurred earlier that day. A surveillance photo was attached to the alert along with a description of specific identifying features. Within 20 minutes the issuing investigator received several calls from Wisconsin Dells PD Officers, including 2 off duty officers, tentatively identifying the suspect. These suspects were tied not only to the Quick Mart Burglary, but 5 vehicle break-ins and the theft of a vehicle. The Lake Delton Police Department stated that the Wisconsin Crime Alert helped stop a crime spree by these suspects.

Lake Delton Burglary


WCAN Registration









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